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Hair Wave Shapers

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The long wavy curls styling kit gives you beautiful beach-ready wavy curls without damaging your hair with heat-based tools like curling irons. That’s because our Wave Shapers are designed to give you perfect bouncy beach-wave curls. These salon designed curlers are applied to damp hair and, once dry, are taken out to reveal stunning silky curls that last. Use styling products of your choice (spray, mousse, gel, etc.) for a long-lasting wavy effect.

This styling kit is perfect for hair up to 20 inches (50 cm) in length, can be used on all hair types including wigs and weaves, and is suitable for all ages. Application is simple, and most importantly, does not cause hair damage.

  • Easy way to create perfect waves and curls
  • Heatless styling - No more damaged hair
  • Reusable
  • The perfect way to achieve Salon styled curls at home
  • Use for special occasions or for daily use

*Thicker hair types might require 24 pieces to cover the whole section of the hair.



Model Number: PC0489
Material: PLASTIC
Use: For making hair waves and curls
Number of Pcs: 12pcs, 14pcs
Pattern: None
Brand Name: WOWCCasdlkfsdf





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UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last. 

Want SALON styled hair but hates hair damage? Achieve beach waves and curls with our Magic Hair Wave Formers!

Follow these uber easy steps for long lasting sexy waves:

1. Dampen (wet) hair. For long lasting curls, use styling products such as hair mousse or gel of your choice.
2. Prepare your wave formers and hook stick
3. Insert hook stick into your wave former
4. Part your hair into small sections, place hook near the roots and gently pull the section of hair into the wave former
5. Repeat until all hair sections are covered, wait until your hair is dry
6. Gently pull each wave former to reveal perfect, sassy and bouncy curls. Use your fingers to achieve your desired style. You may use hair spray for finishing touches.

Note: You may need 2 or more sets depending on your hair type. For thicker hair type, we recommend buying 24 pcs set. 


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